Release: CRM Updates

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New Features:

  • CRM: Task reminders now support google calendar integration. details

  • CRM: Added a CRM tab on events that provides a customer communication log. details
  • CRM: Task Reminders now have a Rejected status, and updated email alert to include more details
  • CRM: Email integration with your own email account so email communication outside IO can now be seen. details
  • Lead Report: You can now include column for if rental is Active vs Inactive
  • Online Quoting: Restrict displaying of price or booking for certain equipment. Go to an item’s Advanced Features to set this restriction.
  • Packing Lists: You can now bulk print any packing list template from the Leads Report drop-down
  • Promotions/Fee: You can now apply a promo or fee based on the event delivery type. This will allow you to create a fee based on the delivery type for certain rentals.
  • Sales Rep: Added additional permission for sales reps. details
  • Templates: Added variables for event county, company email, logged in worker name, phone, and email
  • Taxcloud: If delivery is staffed and item has a General TIC it switches item to Vendor Operated TIC
  • Workers: New permission added to prevent workers from deleting leads
  • Wordpress: Added weight, footprint, dimensions, qty, rating, and electric to product page

Bugs fixed:

  • Attachments: Fixed issue causing leads to not display with certain attachments
  • Newsletters: Fixed issue where filtering would cause it not send to the full list
  • Overview Map: Fixed issues with it not displaying. It does not include every event.
  • Quickbooks: Fixed issue with phone numbers being cut off
  • Contracts: Non-active contracts can now be signed even when the active one already is signed
  • Calendar: Fixed day view conflicts to work properly with structured items
  • Customers: Fixed tag box to fit large amounts of customer tags.
  • Deposit: Fixed issue where a custom $ deposit was only being required once with multiple qty
  • Leads: Greatly improved customer name matching for the name search on a new lead
  • Leads: Prevented empty venue names from being saved in the venue lookup
  • International: Allowed 3 character state abbreviations when country is Australia
  • Analytics: Updated integration instructions to work with new universal method.
  • Taxcloud: Prevented negative cart items error from happening
  • Website Integration: Fixed check availability tool to work with structured items
  • Website Integration: You can now specify accessories in the URL
  • Wordpress: Fixed issue causing the Full Site Sync to take a long time

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