Release: Vendor Tools

If you sub-rent items from friends, you can now keep track of them and send automatic availability and and price requests to the vendors.

After a vendor responds you’ll be able to see the availability and cost on that lead. Additionally, vendor items do not count against your rental inventory limit.

New Features:

  • API: v2 is now available with many additional calls to retrieve data
  • Mobile: Our mobile app has been updated to include easy availability checking. See app store for details
  • Vendors: We’ve added the ability to track sub-contracted items better
  • Editor: Upgraded rich text editor for emails and templates
  • Leads: Can now set a default delivery type when creating a new lead (under Settings->Delivery Types)
  • CRM: Leaving a note on a lead now saves with the customer profile (and all leads) by default
  • Filters: You can now share a filter with other workers. If that worker modifies it, it creates a copy for them.
  • Alerts: Added new ‘Lead Canceled with Shifts’ alert. Activate under Settings->Alerts
  • Multi-Location: Can now customize surveys per location

Bugs fixed:

  • Overview: Fixed Maps tab to work properly
  • Leads: Fixed bug where the search drop-down didn’t always disappear
  • ...and many other small things

See history of updates

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