Release: Customize Payment Page, Venue Notes

You can now customize all customer pages from the Customer Interface page. We’ve also added Venue Notes to the Optional Fields, and it is tied to Venue Name so any notes you’ve entered about a particular venue will be populated on new events at that same venue.

New Features:

  • Foreign support: We now support any language and special characters
  • Foreign support: We now support the ability to set which day is the beginning of the week
  • Customer Interface: You can now customize the Quote Form, Quote Confirmation, and Payment pages from Settings->User Interface
  • Leads: Venue Notes added to the Settings->Optional Fields (must be logged into the main account to activate). Use %venuenotes% in any templates to display it
  • Leads: Venue Name can now be auto-populated based on history. Venue Notes are auto-populated and travel with any lead that has the same Venue Name
  • Leads: Added book date to more filters (book date=contract received date)
  • Payments: We now support direct integration with any merchant account that has an gateway emulator
  • Rentals: The search box can now filter the rental list by pressing the enter key
  • Templates: If you want the main unit to include the staff amounts for options, use the following variables: %rental_staff_incopts% for staff totals and %rental_vols_incopts% for volunteers
  • Templates: If variables added. For example, %isBalancePaid~True~False% If the balance is paid then whatever you put after the first ~ will be output, if it’s not paid whatever is after the second ~ will be output.

Bugs fixed:

  • Customers: When creating a new customer record, the state field is now auto-populated
  • Emails: Worker assignment auto-emails have been changed as follows:

    (after assignment) will only send if the event start date is greater than the param (may not always send)

    (before event) will send up until the start of the event even if param is greater (should always send)

    If both are on, it will not send if they emails are within 2 days of each other

  • Emails: Worker text reminder adjusted so that it will not go out in the middle of the night (10pm-8am). If an event starts at 3am then the reminder will go out 1 hour before
  • Leads: Fixed some issues with conflicts showing when there were no conflicts
  • Leads: Should now work properly for all foreign characters and languages
  • Leads: Fixed issue where status wasn’t always switching when contract signed
  • Leads: Fixed issue where Internet Explorer would autofill the wrong state when entering zip code
  • Leads: Fixed drop-off windows so they can be cleared out if needed
  • Leads: Fixed issue with payment date filter showing leads it wasn’t supposed to
  • Multi-Locations: Quick-add items now use the leads location so the lead won’t show up on other location’s calendars
  • Multi-Locations: Fixed the worker request-off Alert to send to the correct email
  • Quickbooks: Customer addresses now include customer name on address line 1
  • Quickbooks: If invoice is manually deleted from QB and a payment gets made, IO will now retry sending the payment
  • Quote Page: Fixed upsell to only include items that are selected on the Upsell tab of rentals (unless nothing is checked). Also fixed it so items with the same name only appear once
  • Rentals: Serial number now shown next to options when editing a rental
  • Reports: Removed ‘postponed’ events from showing in Overview: Coming Events
  • Settings: Fixed it so you can properly set a starting location for distance calculations
  • Surveys: The survey flag (on Overview) now only shows up once, the first time it is completed
  • Workers: Made it so you can’t delete a worker position if it’s being used on a shift

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