Release: Customer Filters for Prospecting

This release we’ve created tools to allow you to prospect for new customers. See our prospecting best practices guide. And if you missed it, last month we released a guide for following up with your leads.

New Features:

  • CRM: Task manager allows recurring tasks to be created so you can be reminded weekly, monthly, or yearly
  • CRM: Load the current date/time into new Task by clicking the clock icon.
  • CRM: Journal entries can now be added via the Task Manager by choosing Journal status
  • Customers: You can now filter customers like you do leads and save the filters.
  • Emails: You can now filter newsletters by a customer filter
  • Emails: When applying a filter to an email, you can now reduce or exclude the customers
  • Emails: You can now adjust a newsletter send rate

  • Timeclock: Worker clock-in feature integrates with Quickbooks Worker Bills
  • Multi-Locations: Item transfer report added under Settings->Rentals. It shows you any items that are being used in a different location than they are assigned to. You can schedule transfers and generate packing lists.
  • Worker Payroll: Now payments must be marked approved before they will go into Quickbooks
  • Workers: Leads with shifts that are in statuses that do not show on the worker calendar will now show under Overview->Workers so you know to remove the shifts.
  • Alert: You can now activate an email alert to be sent when a sales rep is assigned or changed
  • Alert: You can now receive an alert when a worker responds to a shift request

Bugs fixed:

  • Vehicles: Ordering vehicles now properly saves
  • Multi-Locations: Switching setting location on a different tab no longer allows you to save over wrong data
  • Contracts: Customers can no longer attempt negative payments
  • Contracts: Balance due variables now show $0 if customer has overpaid
  • Contracts: *customer_credit* variable added to show if customer has overpaid
  • Contracts: Fixed total electric count for accessories
  • Contracts: When customer payment fails, it re-populates fields to reduce re-entering of data
  • Promotion/Fees: Fixed bug when only a single date is used for a restriction
  • Promotion/Fees: Adjusted the promotion expire times to use the event create time instead of the event time so customer will be eligible for promotion as long as they created the lead within the timeframe
  • Reports: Fixed row sorting from saved reports
  • Rentals: Clicking an accessory from a lead now correctly loads the Accessory
  • Attachments: filtered out # sign from subject for identifying lead to attachment
  • Leads: You can no longer save advanced rental times outside of the event times
  • CRM: For IMAP integration, emails won’t show if customer email is a worker’s email
  • Leads: Default event notes under Settings->Optional Fields now saves properly.
  • Workers: Request off alert now includes additional details

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