Release: Sales Tax Made Easy

The only thing worse than paying your taxes is also having to do all the paperwork. Our TaxCloud integration means when the end of the month comes you don’t do anything for US state sales taxes. Now we recommend reviewing the reports, but you can safely sip some tea, sit back, and let InflatableOffice and TaxCloud do the work. You no longer need to worry about getting the correct state, city, county, and local tax rates. You don’t even have to fill anything out or write a check. Exemption forms are also made easy as customers can fill them out online, and they are saved automatically and can be used for future events.


New Features:

  • Rentals: ‘Admin Only’ has been replaced with the ability to specify what things should print the item (contract, packing list, emails, quote page, quote confirm page). Click Pages to adjust it.


  • International: Added Vodafone and T-mobile UK to phone SMS support.
  • International: Belgium now supported for mapping and distance calculations.
  • TaxCloud: After a year of implementation and testing we would like to officially announce that you can now use TaxCloud to handle all aspects of your state’s Sales Tax, including calculation, reporting, exemption certificates, and payments. See setup guide.
  • Workers: Managers can now see the organization when hovering over the event time listing.

Bugs fixed:

  • Alerts: Email alerts are now always sent through our email server even if you have a custom email relaying server configured.
  • Calendar: Fixed issue where clicking a day from the month view would show the wrong day.
  • Conflicts: Fixed issue where unselected options were showing in conflict when they were attached to multiple items.
  • Lead: When clearing a line item price on a lead it will now recalculate that price and the total when saving. Previously it only did this when you clicked update.
  • Lead: Fixed the ‘expand all’ category setting when loading categories separately.
  • Lead: When only one setup or teardown window time is set, the other one gets set to the same.
  • Multi-Location: Prevented assigning a worker to a shift on a lead when they don’t have access to that location.
  • Multi-Location: When creating a new item it gets assigned to only the locations you have access to.
  • Packing List: %rental_pack_list% variable added that doesn’t convert options to an item in the packing list of the main item. This also allows advanced times to print for options.
  • Packing List: Added page breaks to the template so they can be removed if desired.
  • Promotions: Fixed issue where you couldn’t add new Advanced Rules.
  • Rentals: When saving a new rental, the list no longer filters to only show the new item.
  • Staff Charges: You can now set whether staff charges should calculate only on the event time, or should also include the driving, setup, and teardown time under General Settings.

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