Release: Tax changes when discounts applied

Hello our happy software users. We hope that your season is starting off great this year. We have a few minor bug fix announcements for you today. The biggest change is how discounts are applied. When tax is calculated on a lead that has discounts, the discount is now evenly applied to the taxable and nontaxable amounts. Previously, we tried to apply the discount to taxable items first to reduce your taxes. However, there were a number of reasons that required us to change this. This will only affect people that have both taxable and nontaxable items, and even you will likely not notice the difference.

Bugs fixed:

  • Contracts: Fixed issue where amount paid was sometimes incorrect on contract and for transitioning a lead to Confirmed status
  • Emails: Resend of worker type emails fixed to send to worker and replace variables correctly
  • Multi-Location: Alert email for when workers update or create account corrected
  • Options: Linked quantity options will now work for all input types
  • Prices: Fixed issue with price list price type not calculating half hours and certain combinations
  • Taxes: Fixed issue caused when some rentals were taxed and others were not. Discounts are now applied evenly to both tax-free and taxed rentals.
  • Workers: Cricket added to phone carrier list for workers

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