Release: Customize Packing Lists, ROI Report

New Features:

  • Reports: View the ROI of an item by going to Settings->Rentals and clicking the History tab of an item.


  • Templates: Customize your Packing List under Settings->Advanced->Packing List Templates.
  • Templates: See the new ‘Template Variables’ link at the top-right for help with variables.


  • Workers: Set a mileage rate per Worker that will show on Payroll as long as it is for a contractor and driver position.


  • Leads: Search by customer email address from Keywords box on Leads page
  • Rentals: Enter a negative number in for electric circuit on generator items to show the correct electric need on a Lead when a generator is used.

Bugs fixed:

  • Multi-Locations: Fixed issue with the Lead Report exports totaling amounts incorrectly when multiple shifts existed on a lead.
  • Training/Safety: Fixed an issue where the training link for workers was not always working.
  • Workers: Fixed an issue with the payroll report if the worker had a different pay rate specified for multiple positions.

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