Sales CRM - IMAP Email Integration

You can integrate your company email and/or your sales reps email accounts into InflatableOffice, so that any emails sent to or received by customers using your normal email software can now be tied to leads. After setting up, you'll be able to see communication with your customers via the Leads CRM tab.


When logged in as the admin account, go to Settings --> Email Preferences. You can setup integration with a single company email box and/or with each sales reps account in their worker profiles. You can now enjoy 1 year of IMAP email storage and a 6 month view of your communication with each customer at no additional cost.

Allow Other Workers to See Emails on Leads?

If set to No, other workers will not be able to see email communication loaded from this account. If Yes, then they will be able to see any emails associated with a lead. Emails are associated with a lead if the customer's email address appears in the To, From, or CC fields of an email. The admin account will be able to see all related emails regardless of this setting.

It's important to note that we do not display email communications between employees, so if this feature is being tested, sending emails to another employee as a test will not work. The email address of the customer should be one that isn't associated with a worker profile.

Additionally, if you are using an IMAP email address that has potentially sensitive emails in it, you should certainly make sure you have a worker profile with that same email address set on it to protect any other worker from gaining access to those emails. This will prevent someone from entering that email as a customer email and then viewing the emails. As mentioned above, we do not display email communications between employees. When we see an email address of a worker profile set to a customer, we prevent displaying of those emails.  

Folders and Frequency Checked

The system will download any messages in the INBOX or Sent folders on your email server. IO will check for new emails to download once per hour.

Attachments and Content

You'll be able to view the subject, body, and attachments of the emails on the CRM tab, but the attachments will not be accessible via the lead's Attachment's tab.

Integrating with a Gmail Account

1. You'll need to first allow access via IMAP. See here for instructions (in the middle under Enable IMAP in your Gmail Settings). 

2. IMAP integration follow the steps here:

3. Having trouble? Follow steps here if you are having trouble:

Integrating with a Microsoft Account

If you are using Outlook, Office365, or other Microsoft account, you may have to enable IMAP. Here are instructions we received from Microsoft on how to properly do that.

Click on this link it will open up a Diag window in your admin center. On the right side of the window there will be first option to run the diagnostics.

After it will run it will give you a drop down menu, please select and enable IMAP and then click on the save button to save changes. Change might be immediate, but sometimes it might take up to one hour depending on the EXO sync, but after this all should be working fine on the CRM tool.

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