Release: Better Images on Quote Page, Address autocomplete, Qty changes on Leads

Highlights Video:

New Features:

  • Leads: Address auto-completion added for venue and customer addresses
  • Leads: Changing quantity of an item no longer clears the price causing an auto-recalculate. Instead it will calculate a unit price and update the price accordingly.
  • Leads: Custom fields now support a default value. Use 1 for checkboxes.
  • Quote Page: Google recaptcha support added. Setup instructions
  • Quote Page: Clicking on product images now shows more and bigger images
  • Quote Page: You can now allow customers to update certain fields on a lead after getting a quote. Setting up an Event Planning Form. Customizing your form may require HTML knowledge (additional support fees may apply)
  • Quote Page: Missing category images will now be auto-generated. Category images can be disabled on quote page by adding this to quote request form code: <style>.cat_img{display:none;}</style>
  • Websites: Added ability to load testimonials programmatically to website for more styling control.
  • API: Support added for custom fields. Pass in like &custom-Source=web. Use 1 or 0 for checkboxes
  • API: Leads created via api will now send New Quote alert
  • Reports: Added Lead Address 2 column

Discontinued Feature:

  • Google Voice: Integration with Google Voice stopped functioning on 8/25/18 due to changes google has made. We will no longer be maintaining it and it is recommended you upgrade to IO Phone if you want us to continue to integrate with phone.

Bugs fixed:

  • Websites: Fixed check availability widget not showing correctly for child items in maintenance.
  • Websites: Check availability now defaults to today’s date if it hasn’t been previously set
  • Websites: Check availability date now properly gets passed to quote form when hosting forms on your site
  • Emails: Fixed issues with 2nd reminders for deposits not going out within 14 days.
  • IO Phone: Fixed issue where texts could sometimes be sent to invalid numbers and then text would show on multiple unrelated leads.
  • IO Phone: Updating worker phone number’s now updates the phone schedule number as well
  • Square: Fixed an issue causing occasional rounding issues when customers pay
  • Testimonials: Fixed issue with duplicate testimonials being created
  • Vendors: Fixed issue with wrong quantity sometimes being shown after vendor marked availability.
  • Leads: Fixed issue where incorrect distance would sometimes be calculated
  • Inventory: Fixed bug with separate truck feature incorrectly increasing delivery fees when accessories exist
  • Inventory: Fixed issue with linked quantity on multi-level packages
  • Inventory: Fixed issue with operator instructions not printing for ‘show separate’ items
  • Filters: Increased speed of filtering when searching specifying the filter type
  • Multi-Location: Fixed issue with defaults values not always working on new leads
  • Multi-Location: When making a new lead, searching by product will now search all available locations
  • Languages: Added Comment response text from the quote confirm page:comment_sent
  • Languages: Added another booking attempt message. Non-english users will need to update this: quoteme_contact_shortly

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