Release: Automated Booking & Credit Cards

Now with InflatableOffice you can automate your entire booking process if you choose. What do we mean by automate? We mean that while your trying to get a meatball stain from lunch out of your shirt, your customers can get a quote, book their own event, sign your contract digitally, and pay for your services without you ever doing a thing. You’ll look up with marinara sauce on your face and notice an alert telling you that a customer has booked an event. Smile and enjoy it. Then get a napkin and schedule your workers. You’re making money the easy way with InflatableOffice.

Video: For those of you that don’t like to read, check out this short video.

Digital Contracts: InflatableOffice now allows you to save digital contracts directly to your leads. You’ll notice that the contract tab looks a lot different. You can still customize your template for each specific lead, but now you do not have to. We’ve streamlined and improved the contract process. Simply add a contract to the lead, choosing the template that you wish to use. When you save, the contract is created and saved to your lead. From there, you can click to view the contract or fill out the email form and send it immediately to your customer.

Digital Contract Signing: Once your customer receives your digital contract, they can review it and easily click to digitally sign the contract. We record the time and IP address of the person signing the contract and then display it on the contract in the signature block. No more waiting for contracts to be mailed back and forth. Furthermore, we even update the status of your lead for you all along the way.

Credit Card Payments: Accepting credit cards can be good and bad at the same time. If you don’t accept them, you can sometimes lose business. Additionally, non-credit card payments can be more difficult to get and process. If you do accept them, there are monthly and processing fees as well as another account to monitor for your business. It can also be difficult to setup your credit card acceptance solution. With these issues in mind, InflatableOffice is now introducing credit card acceptance for Plus and Premium subscribers at no extra monthly cost. That’s right, you heard us correctly. You can have all the benefits of InflatableOffice and your merchant account at the cost of only $35 monthly (or $99 for the Premium subscription). You simply need a PayPal Website Payments Standard account with PayPal, which is a free account. There are still fees per transaction, but those are pretty much unavoidable. You would pay those with any merchant account. The best part is that you get to skip the monthly fee. Additionally, we make it easy to setup InflatableOffice to integrate with your PayPal account. The integration between the two is great, too. By integrating them, InflatableOffice gets notifications from PayPal about your customers transactions and records them accordingly. You really get the best of both worlds when accepting credit cards through InflatableOffice.

Other Updates: Of course we’ve made a number of minor updates such as improvements to the packing list and more. In fact, we’ve done so many little tweaks that we can’t even remember what they were. You’re sure to notice and enjoy though.

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