Sales CRM - Communication CRM tab

CRM Communication tab

Each lead will have a CRM tab that can be used to keep track of your communication with a customer. The idea here is that you'll be able to quickly locate details from past emails or phone conversations. CRM = Customer Relationship Management

Your staff can leave notes regarding the conversation with the customer. If journal entries need deleted/removed the only login that can delete journal entries other than your own is the main account admin login. 

To show phone details, you must setup integration with IO Phone.

Any emails sent from InflatableOffice will automatically show up. To show emails sent or received through your external email program, you'll need to setup IMAP integration.

Task Reminders:
These will automatically show up for any tasks that were assigned to this lead or customer. If completed they'll show up using the completed time, otherwise it will use the remind at time.

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