Release: Add charts to a dashboard

You can create custom reports with graphical charts, apply filters, and add to a dashboard(more info)

New Features:

  • Dashboard: Each worker (and main account) can create a dashboard of customized charts (more info)
  • Templates: Revisions are now automatically saved and available to restore to older versions of pages, emails, contracts, etc
  • Texting: You can create text message templates in the email center (see Customer - Manual Text template). When you select a text template from the email pop-up on a lead it will default to the text option
  • Taxes: You can now force a sales tax override by zip code under Settings->Distance Charges. Note: When setting this the zip code distance charge will be used.
  • Contract: If contract is signed, signature section is now automatically hidden.
  • Leads: You can now use county name to filter leads in the keyword box.
  • Contracts: As an admin, you can now view a contract when in Quote Status
  • Contracts: Emailing a contract to a customer when lead is in Quote status now auto-updates status to Contract
  • Square: Improved styling of credit card input form
  • Quote Page: Added new template variables to allow referral and customer types be required:*referral_field_required* and *customertype_field_required*
  • Statuses: You can now set which statuses set the book date (Contract status or above does this by default)
  • Statuses: You can now set the status leads are set to when they are auto-booked (Contract status by default)
  • Wordpress: Check availability date is now passed along with cart checkout to quote form as start date
  • Wordpress: Added website links next to items, categories, and a log of transactions on Wordpress page
  • Mobile App: Note the mobile app will be updated sometime this week with the below changes:
  • Mobile App: Status and Delivery Type added to lead details screen
  • Mobile App: When adjusting start date, end date auto adjusts as well
  • Mobile App: Improved layout for tablets
  • Mobile App: When searching from list of leads, filter is automatically removed
  • Mobile App: Scrolling to the bottom of the list of leads will now auto-load more leads
  • Mobile App: Added default filter of ‘Upcoming Events’.
  • Mobile App: Added last activity and contact date for filters (when CRM active)

Bugs fixed:

  • Websites: Fixed availability checker when items had dashes in the name
  • Payments: Fixed bug with surcharging sometimes leaving $.01 due or as a credit.
  • Conflicts: Fixed bug where conflicts would show as yellow and not red in certain circumstances
  • Square: Fixed issues with it not showing payment in the Lead Log and not upgrading status automatically
  • Square: Surcharging now works when using square
  • Square: Now showing confirmation of payment to customer properly
  • Workers: Rank workers up to 10, and 10 rank can now sign up for any available shifts
  • Workers: When using Gmail integration they can now send emails through their connected account
  • Vendors: Prevent multiple alerts from going out when lead is changed
  • Vendors: Fixed it so vendor items with accessories now display properly on POs
  • Vendors: Fixed issues when multiple vendors respond to a quote not showing responses correctly
  • Vendors: Fixed issue causing vendors to sometimes sign POs twice
  • Vendors: Fixed issue with when items with same name in a lead had quantity wrong on PO
  • Vendors: Fixed it so advanced times will show properly to vendors. *fullrentaltime* can be added to the PO template
  • Contact Form: Fixed it so company time restrictions don’t affect it
  • Conflicts: When admin overbook (in general settings) is set to error, it now no longer allows status upgrades
  • Contract Page: On mobile, it now scrolls to errors
  • CRM: Tab now shows email communication correctly when multiple email addresses are listed
  • Emails: Shared filters are now available in the filter drop-down of email center
  • Emails: You can now see when emails bounce in all log tabs and hover over it to see the reason
  • Emails: Fixed issue with deposit due emails going out even when deposit was paid when using deposit requirements on specific items
  • Prices: Fixed rental price showing $0 when a new lead is created and the start/end times are the same
  • Leads: Clicking a conflict when editing a lead no longer annoyingly redirects the page.
  • Rentals: Corrected issue when using both link qty and required qty on accessories
  • Mobile App: Saving a new lead will now take you to the lead details page instead of the lead list
  • Leads: If rental advanced times are set improperly system will now error
  • Taxes: Fixed a rounding issue in certain scenarios that would cause IO tax not match QB tax

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