Release: Quantity Based Pricing

Quantity Based Pricing

You can now price items based on the quantity being sold.


New Features:

  • Rentals: Quantity based Pricing (see above)
  • Leads: Additional event notes (Settings->Optional Fields to enable more)
  • Quickbooks: Ability to use invoice date instead of event date (email us to request this)
  • Receipts: Added business name and address
  • Workers: Contractor pay per rental item and per mileage option (To enable: 1. Set a contractor pay per rental item 2. Set a mileage rate on General Settings 3. Set your Worker Positions as contractor 4. Run your your Payroll report)

Bugs fixed:

  • Workers: On shift tab, worker availability designated with an asterisk
  • Moneris: CVV now properly verified
  • Payment: If customers attempt to pay for more than is due, the payment amount is adjusted to the amount due

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