Release: Show your mod panels as separate units

New Features:

Show your mod panels as separate units:

You can now show options as separate units. For example if you have a Bounce House with 3 mod panels, normally the customer has to choose the Bounce House, then they can choose the panel they want. Now, the customer can just see the Mod panel as if it was its own unit but the conflict system will still prevent double-bookings of the main unit and the panels.





To set this up, you'll want to do the following:

1. Set the Bounce House price to $0

2. Set the Mod panel prices to the price of the Bounce House.

3. Edit the Bounce House, go to the Options tab, and mark 'show options as separate units'

Now when you view your quote page you'll see your options listed as units and the Bounce House is no longer shown.

Link option quantity to the main unit:

If you want the option quantity to always be the same as the main unit, then use this new feature.


1. Edit your rental, go to the Options tab.

2. Select 'Link Qty' for each option you want linked.

Now when you go to your quote page you'll notice that the option quanties will update with the main unit.

Quickbooks log added:

Now you can see what is going to be added to Quickbooks before an update is run, and also a log of what was recently imported.

Go to Settings->Quickbooks to see the log.

Bug Fixes:

- Quickbooks: Improved the speed when updating

- Quickbooks: Fixed a few issues with it certain invoices and payments being missed

- Manager Report Auto-email: the variable for first and last name has changed from %ctfirstname% to %worker_first_name% and %ctlastname% to %worker_last_name%

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