Release: Customize Columns on the Leads page

Customize Columns on the Leads page


Go to Leads->Reports and set up a new report. Then go to Settings->General Settings and set the 'Report Used to control columns on Leads page' to that new report.

Note: The default report uses the following columns: Lead Date Combo, Lead Flag, Lead Organization, Lead Status, Lead Time Combo, Lead City State, Contact Last Name, Lead $ Total

New Features:

  • Emails: Added ‘Customer - Payment Received’ auto-email template. Once activated, this will send whenever a payment is made or a payment is entered on a lead.
  • Emails: Added ‘Customer - Event Cancelled’ confirmation email that sends an email to customer whenever a lead’s status is switched to cancelled (very useful if an event is accidentally switched to a cancel status)
  • Emails: You can now configure the default From email address (when sending Quotes or Contracts) to be either the person logged in or the company’s email (Settings->Company Details->Email Reply Address)
  • Leads: You can now customize the columns on the Leads page
  • Overview: Added a Maps link that shows you markers where all your events are located
  • Templates: Added the following variables to print out the specific dates of setup/pickup windows





Bugs fixed:

  • Conflicts: Fixed an issue where customers could auto-book something that was unavailable if they left their browser window open for a long period of time.
  • Conflicts: Fixed an issue where parent/child items didn’t show a conflict in rare circumstances
  • Conflicts: Resolved issue where no soft conflict on structured item was showing
  • Contract: Fixed issue where unsigned contract not allowing signature on booked events
  • Emails: Contract emails now also include company name in From line (same as Quote emails)
  • Emails: Fixed issue where text reminders to workers were being sent as the wrong time
  • Quickbooks: Fixed issue with QB unsupported characters such as single quotes getting properly replaced
  • Reports: Fixed issue where worker accounts could only see leads they were sales reps on
  • Rentals: Fixed issue where Price List didn’t use the daily rate correctly
  • Rentals: Corrected the item counts of parents when setting up Structured Items

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