Release: Prospecting your database

We’ve added some CRM tools that allow you to see a customer’s history of viewing your website, emails, phone, and quote pages. Using our new ‘score’ filter, you’ll now be able to identify customers who are interested in your services but haven’t taken the step to contact you yet. See our prospecting best practices guide step 4. And if you missed it, we released a guide for following up with your leads.

New Features:

  • CRM: Tab added to customer profile showing interaction history
  • CRM: Score assigned to customers as they interact with your website
  • CRM: Added email button for template access
  • Emails: You can now see stats before and after edits are made to an email template.
  • Customers: Can now filter by score and # of leads. Type in ‘leads: 1’ in the keyword box and then click on either leads < 1 to show customers without a lead or leads >1 to show customers with a lead
  • Leads: Can now filter total and payment amount by a range. Type total: 100 will give greater / less options
  • Taxes: Can now set Staffing as non-taxable under Delivery Methods
  • Workers: Can now choose the email template to send on the Shift tab
  • Leads: You can now get a warning when lowering a status from a reserved status. Contact us to activate.
  • Workers: Can now set a permission to hide historical shift data on worker’s site
  • Quote Page: Items set as 0 quantity in the settings will be allowed to get quotes but will show as conflicts on the lead
  • Lead Flags: Can now clear with a single click, including follow-up flag
  • Rentals: Can now use decimals when entering electric needs on an item
  • Logging: Added logging for shifts scheduled from Delivery tool
  • Logging: Customer payment attempts now logged and shows if a worker or customer submitted payment

Bugs fixed:

  • Timeclock: Better error handling added
  • Upsell: Fixed issues related to customers adding accessories via the upsell feature
  • Leads: Fixed advanced time issues leads were entered with an exact time
  • Multi-Location: Lead customer lookup can now search customers in other locations as long as you have access
  • Filtering: Sorting the leads when a filter is applied now overrides the filter’s default sorting
  • Customers: Fixed customer exporting to use filters
  • Receipts: Updated to include accessories in product list
  • Contract: Fixed issues with signed contract not always setting the contract received date
  • Contract: Prevent accidental double-clicks on the Pay Now button
  • Workers: New worker form now requires last name
  • Tasks: Badge count now shows correct total for logged in worker

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