Release: Chart Reports and Wordpress improvements

You can now chart any custom Lead Report with Line or Bar chart.

Lots of wordpress updates recently. If you haven’t made customizations, you’ll probably want to update your shortcode templates and re-sync your inventory. See to see what the default setup looks like. To get the category pages to use the grid layout, you’ll need to delete them in WP and empty the trash, then re-sync all inventory.

New Features:

  • Contracts: You can now set which template is used for contract auto-generation on a lead
  • Lead Reports: You can now add a chart to visually see trends in data
  • Wordpress: When you upload a picture of a rental we now store a high-res 750px version in addition to the 250px version. Accessible via Wordpress item pages by using %%image_big%%

Bugs fixed:

  • Contracts: When a contract snapshot is saved, the status will now automatically switch
  • Contracts: You can now edit a saved snapshot and save the edits as a new contract
  • Calendar: Fixed issue with changing dates on Day View of Calendar
  • Delivery: Fixed filter issues with printing of signed/unsigned contracts
  • Emails: Improved email delivery for manually sent emails
  • Google Adwords: Upgraded integration instructions and fixed issues with it not tracking properly.
  • Google Voice: Fixed integration setup for new accounts
  • Lead Filters: Ordered the saved filter alphabetically and fixed issues with setting & saving a sort order.
  • Leads: County lookup is done the same as City lookup when entering a zip code on a lead
  • Leads: Event notes can now store longer descriptions
  • Languages: Added a number of missing words to the translate list on the Quote Pages
  • Quote Page: Fixed category expansion when set to Expand First
  • Workers: Removed shift change emails from lead log as they span multiple leads and was confusing
  • Workers: StraightTalk is now an option for text message reminders
  • Wordpress: Fixed issues with sub-contract items (combining items with the same name) and when items are set to ‘show options as separate units’ and ‘append option name to rental name’
  • Wordpress: Improved default layout and design to be easier to use
  • Wordpress: You can now put HTML tags in your rental description and they will properly get sent to WP
  • Wordpress: Added staff and volunteer variables for item pages and item description for category pages

See history of updates

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