Release: Packing Lists Grouped By Vehicle & More

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We've already had a number of customers take advantage of this option. The Packing Lists Grouped By Vehicle that we are releasing today is one example. This feature was suggested and paid for 7 days ago, and it is already being released. If you have a feature that will make your InflatableOffice experience better, let us know.

Packing Lists Grouped By Vehicle

You can now add your vehicles as workers and then schedule shifts for your vehicles on each lead. The packing list will list the schedule for the vehicle, the loading order of the items, and then present a packing list that groups all common items. So, if you have 4 sand bags with one inflatable and 4 sand bags with another, the packing list will show it as 8 sand bags that need loaded.


Sample of a vehicle packing list.

How to Setup Grouped Packing Lists

The first two steps are only necessary if you are using the Workers add-on. If you do not have the workers add-on, skip to step 3.

1. First you will need to make sure you have a position that is designated as a vehicle position.


Set your vehicle position

2. Then add your vehicles as workers.


Create a vehicle as a worker

3. Schedule the vehicle as a shift on a lead.


Schedule the vehicle as a shift

4. Filter your leads to include leads with vehicles assigned. Make sure you deselect quote and hold status leads to minimize the packing lists created.


Filter your leads

5. Then select “Vehicle Pack List” from the reports list below the leads filters and click “view”.


Select and view the grouped packing list

6. To get the full effect of the packing list grouping, be sure to add packing lists to your rentals using the recommended format.


Fine tune your rental packing lists

Minor Updates:

- Upgraded InflatableOffice to a new, bigger and better server.

- InflatableOffice allows you to stay logged in longer now.

- Fixed contract signing bug that made the contract inactive after being signed.

- Fixed issue with show options as separate units that caused problems with quantities.

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