Release: Custom quote form questions and shopping cart integration

Add custom questions to your quote forms

Condensed Rental List on the Quote Page

New Features:

  • Custom Questions: Create custom questions on your quote form and have the results populated in the event notes (instructions here)
  • Shopping Cart: Send your website’s shopping cart contents over to our quote page so that the items in the cart will be pre-selected on the new quote page (instructions here)
  • Availability Checking: Allow customers to check availability of inventory from your website (instructions here)
  • New Quote Pages: Added condensed rental list design (contact us to switch)

Bugs fixed:

  • Emails: Added subject to logging of email content
  • New Quote Pages: Added the missing receipt link to the contract/payment page
  • New Quote Pages: Fixed packages to work properly with linked quantity options
  • New Quote Pages: Fixed category expand all when availability display is on
  • Multi-Locations: Fixed issue with price by customer type not displaying right when items belong to two locations
  • Rentals: Fixed issue where child item would get unlinked from parent for accounts with complicated structure items

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