Release: API and Task Reminder Improvements

New Features:

  • Developer API: You can now access your account data programmatically through our developer API. Retrieve inventory, customer, and event data. Create and update leads. You’ll be able to use it to build your website product pages and customize your website forms as you see fit. Available as part of the Wordpress/API add-on for $20/month. View documentation
  • Customers: You can now merge individual customer profiles together, by checking them and clicking merge
  • Customers: When merging profiles you can now merge the notes together by checking both boxes.
  • Emails: You can now unsubscribe (edit the profile) and see unsubscribes from a customer profile
  • Leads: When making a lead from an existing customer, it will set referral to Repeat or Past Customer
  • Leads: Can now set a default event duration under Settings->General
  • Leads: When editing the contract tab it will now show the balance due (after clicking edit)
  • Lead Filter: You can now filter the date range by Last Modified Date
  • Reporting: You can now see bookings from previous year that haven’t booked this year. Set the preset filter to No Recent Rebook. It compares last year’s book date compared to today’s date.
  • Quote Restrictions: Business Hours and Black-Out Dates can now restrict events based on the start or end day of the event or events that span that day. (Settings->Online Quoting under Integration)
  • Testimonials: You can now turn a survey into a testimonial from the Lead’s Survey tab.
  • Customer Contract Page: Now clearly informs customer when event is in a confirmed status.
  • CRM - Task Reminders: You can now filter leads by typing in the keyword box task: keyword or task: none to find leads that don’t have tasks associated with them.
  • CRM - Task Reminders: Apply the current lead filters to the list of tasks and see completed tasks
  • CRM - Task Reminders: Leads with tasks associated with them will now show the tasks on the event tab
  • CRM - Task Reminders: The worker who assigned the task is now noted
  • CRM - Task Reminders: Saving a task will auto-hide tool unless list of tasks is displayed
  • CRM - Task Reminders: You can now add a Remind At column to lead reports (and the lead list)

Bugs fixed:

  • Workers: Marking a worker as Not Approved will now prevent them from logging in regardless of their permissions, whereas Not Approved previously just turned off Workers Site access.
  • Lead Filter: The keyword search is now much faster than previously
  • Lead Filter: Can now type salesrep: to have all reps listed in the keyword filter
  • Lead Filter: You can new set the number of leads listed at the bottom next to the page arrows
  • Lead Filter: Searches categories specified on a rental’s location or page setting now
  • Subscription: Monthly bill will no longer split between cards on file unless specified on Subscription page
  • Rentals: Recovery time of item now properly affects events being scheduled before another event
  • Emails: Fixed some issues on email center log tab
  • Quote Page: Auto set staff/volunteers now includes accessory settings in the calculation for customer generated leads
  • CRM - Task Reminders: Workers creating a task will have it assigned to themselves if no one is specified

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