Release: Customer Types, Store Hours, and Customize Deposit Requirements

New Features:

  • Customer Interface: Set store hours to prevent customers from requesting event times when you are closed. Settings->Basics->Business Hours

  • Customer Interface: Can now force the customer to choose customer type instead of accepting a default. Use %customertype_req%
  • Foreign Support: Fixed distance calculations, mapping and weather for Denmark
  • Foreign Support: We now support both 12 hour (am/pm) or 24 hour time (military time) displays
  • Leads: Hovering over the list of Leads will show the Rentals for that lead


  • Leads: Required deposit can now be set by rental and customer type
  • Leads: Configure customer types from Settings->Advanced->Customer Types


Bugs fixed:

  • Conflicts: Fixed an issue where customers could auto-book something that was unavailable if they left their browser window open for a long period of time.
  • Contracts: Fixed issue with initials being disabled if the event was already marked as booked but the contract wasn’t signed
  • Customer Interface: Creating new quote pages no longer creates duplicates
  • Emails: Improved email deliverability

  • Leads: Hovering over the Flag (!) on the Leads page now shows the Flag reasons properly
  • Leads: If an item wasn’t assigned a price it no longer errors but instead shows $0
  • Multi-Locations: New worker registrations now get properly assigned to correct location
  • Multi-Location: Can no longer accidently delete a location that is being used for inventory
  • Quickbooks: Fixed a number of minor issues that would cause certain payments to not go in
  • Workers: Preventing auto-emails for worker shift reminders now works properly
  • Workers: Payroll report no longer shows vehicles in it
  • Workers: Made it so you can’t accidently set a worker shift with incorrect dates

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