Release: Quicker Quotes

You can now get a price and check conflicts with minimal input by clicking the update button on a new lead. So if you don’t put in an event address it will error, but still calculate the price. In this example tax and delivery fees will not be properly calculated without the address, but it can still calculate everything else.

New Features:

  • Leads: Update button now updates the prices and conflicts even when an error is returned
  • Multi-Locations: The rental list on a lead is now filtered by location automatically when editing a lead or when update. On a new lead you can choose the location and click update to filter the list.

Bugs fixed:

  • Conflicts: Fixed issues with structure items that contain multiple of the same pieces
  • Contracts: Manual page break on contracts for now works for Chrome
  • Contracts: Empty dropoff/pickup windows now do not output incorrect times on the contract
  • Google Calendar: Issue with creating a new calendar resolved
  • Leads: Entering a payment on a completed event no longer moves event down to Confirmed
  • Leads: Saving a copy of an event where required options have changed no longer jumbles prices
  • Leads: Fixed issue where required options got included in rental totals when main item not selected
  • Leads: Multiple quote pages on leads is now auto-selected based on rentals
  • Leads: Options are now ordered according to settings
  • Multi-Locations: Fixed issue with auto-emails sending wrong company info
  • Packing List: Vehicle packing list when using a preset filter is fixed
  • Quote Page: You no longer need to choose ‘Set Active’ when editing the quote page

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