Release: Task Reminders

New Features:

  • Task Reminders: Part of the new Sales CRM will include the ability to create reminders. Activate it for free while the module is in beta under Settings->Subscription.

  • Languages: You can now customize the error messages to other languages and link them to the quote pages. Contact us for assistance with this.
  • Leads: Filter can now show all possibilities for filtering by entering type, such as typing in cat: (not available for all types)
  • Leads: When on the contract tab, it will now notify you when a rental conflict exists.
  • Variables: Added *lead_url* for use with google calendar to easily edit the lead.
  • Quote Pages: Customer quote pages without a mobile wrapper will display the company logo at the top
  • Rentals: Specify which image to use for an accessory when linking to an item. This is especially useful when art panels can be attached to multiple items and you want the customer to see a picture of the unit w/the panel on it.

  • Rentals: Change the quantity of child items when editing the parent item (for structure items).

  • Lead Tax: When editing a lead, click the tax amount to see which items are taxed and which are not.

Bugs fixed:

  • Delivery: Fixed several issues causing duplicates to happen on the delivery tool
  • Emails: Fixed issue causing newsletters to not send when a filter was used.
  • Google Calendar: Fixed issue where deleted leads weren’t always getting removed from google calendar
  • Leads: Fixed several issues with the lead keyword filter.
  • Leads: Has Balance Due pre-set filter no longer includes events with $0 total
  • Rentals: Inactive accessories that are linked to items will no longer be removed from edited leads.
  • Settings: The company logo defined on the customer page wrapper will be used when possible and default to the one defined in in Company Details otherwise.
  • Settings: Quote Page link added back to the settings page
  • Quote Pages: Fixed issue with pricing by day of week for new customer quote pages
  • Vehicles: Fixed it to allow you to remove an unused vehicle by setting it to ‘not approved’
  • Workers: Fixed it so sales reps with ‘change sales rep’ permission off can no longer change sales rep assignment from themselves to someone else.

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