Release: Post Reviews, Faster Server, and More!

If you haven't checked out InflatableOffice lately, you probably haven't noticed how much work we've gotten done. There's also a good chance you are spending far more time in the office than you should. Check us out again. We make it easy for you to excel at your business. Just look at all these great updates we just released!


  • InflatableOffice now offers a little website widget that you can put anywhere on your website to showcase all your great reviews from customers. Of course reviews automatically come in from your customers if you are using our automated customer survey. You can choose which reviews to display and add reviews that you get through other methods as well. This is sure to boost your sales.
  • You can now easily quote your commercial customers a higher price and your residential customers a lower price for the same rentals!
  • We have a new, faster server that's easier to upgrade! Our customers are doing so well, we noticed an upgrade would soon be necessary. And because we are always trying to find more couch time, we made sure that future upgrades would be really simple. So go ahead and grow. We're ready!
  • Now we allow you to specify required options for rentals. This is a nice feature that enables you to take certain fees out of the rental cost and show them separately.

Enjoy the update, and as always, prepare yourselves for more great updates soon!

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