Release: Quickbooks Online for Canada

New Features:

  • Quickbooks Online: Canadian edition is now supported (For provinces other than ON, contact us)
  • Insurance: 10% discount program with CIA
  • Vendors: You can now use the Vendor:all filter on the leads page to filter leads with vendor items
  • Routing: You can now customize the colors used for the delivery/return blocks
  • Stats: See the total events auto booked and percentage auto booked on Overview->Stats
  • Workers: Added permission for Time Clocking on workers site so it can be turned off

Bugs fixed:

  • Surcharge: Fixed issues with $0.01 being left due
  • Quote Page: Fixed issue with accessory’s linked quantity not working in all scenarios
  • Quote Page: Fixed issue where items could be miscategorizoed in rare scenarios
  • Quote Page: Fixed issues with wordpress wrapper wessing up Packages pop-up
  • Quote Page: Fixed quantity issues related to passing rental names over
  • Contract Page: Contracts requiring agree checkboxes will now scroll to incomplete checkboxes
  • Upsell: Fixed issues with upsell not showing items it should have and removed vendor items
  • Contact Form: Prevented it from generating recent quote emails
  • Maintenance: Fixed issues with it not updating conflict flags immediately
  • Routing: Fixed some display issues happening in Firefox
  • Leads: Clicking a child rental item now properly loads it in the Settings
  • Calendar: Changed calendar view link to default to Month view
  • Calendar: Improved speed of loading month event view
  • Surveys: Fixed issue with survey completed alert being sent multiple times
  • Gmail: Fixed issue with alerts not sending when using Gmail email integration
  • Yahoo: Fixed issue with auto-emails not always sending when using yahoo email integration
  • Quickbooks: Fixed issues with worker payroll bills getting created too often
  • Upsell: Upsell suggestions now take linked quantity into consideration when suggesting accessories
  • Workers: Fixed bug causing workers to get locked out too easily
  • Workers: Time Clock shifts now showing breaks for shifts unlinked to a lead
  • Wordpress: Theme and plugin can auto-update now (you’ll need to install the latest versions first)
  • Wordpress: Fixed issues caused when switching between View and Text tabs
  • Wordpress: Updated most themes to make it easier to swap the home page image

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