Release: More Great Additions

We've been hard at work putting all of your great suggestions into InflatableOffice. Here's the short list of changes and additions that we've recently made. Use them wisely, and they will treat you well. And keep the good ideas coming!


  • Day view on the calendar now defaults to a rental availability matrix, making it easy to see what's out and what's not.
  • Now you can restrict delivery by total bill. For example, delivery to anything over 50 miles must be renting at least $600 worth of services.
  • Print multiple packing lists at one time by filtering your leads on the leads page and choosing to view packing lists.
  • Easily switch from Accuevent. We can now import your inventory, customers, and leads.
  • View a log of changes to the lead you are working with on the log tab.
  • Send us your Google Analytics or other tracking code, and we can put it on your quote page so that you can track conversions.
  • Test your automated emails by sending test emails to yourself, manually send an automated email to a customer, or resend an automated email from the log tab for that lead.
  • View revenue per day on the monthly view of the calendar. Pick-ups and Drop-off windows now show as well.
  • Workers now show with their phone number on your Google calendar.
  • We now support pricing your equipment via a price list/tabular format.
  • Type in a zip code when working with a lead, and we automatically fill in the city for you.

Some of these settings are not available in your user interface yet. Contact us if you can't figure out how to make the change in your account. We may have to do it on our end. Thanks!

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