Release: Warnings Added

SUBJECT: Warnings Added


Warnings: The system will now provide warning notices to alert you to potential issues if you change an event date/time.


Help System: You’ve probably noticed the help button on the right side of the screen. Please try to use it as much as possible for submitting your support requests. Of course you can still call or email, but we would prefer for you to use the help button or go to for help. Thanks!

New Features:

  • Forum: Our forum has been discontinued. Please use
  • Leads: Added warnings when an event time is changed and delivery windows, contract, or worker shifts need updated.
  • Leads: Switched to warnings (instead of errors) when delivery restrictions are in place for admin created leads.
  • System: Improved the loading speed when multiple browser tabs open
  • System: Improved capacity of server during peak hours

Bugs fixed:

  • Emails: Fixed email issue when a semi-colon was at end of email address
  • Quickbooks: Fixed issue with overpayments not going in QB
  • Quickbooks: Fixed issue with it getting stuck on customers with apostrophes in name
  • Testimonial: Fixed it to work properly with international date formats.
  • Workers: If a worker account is accidently deleted, we made it easier to recover

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Also, if you have a suggestion on what you want us to work on next, you can do so here:

As always if you have questions, problems, or need help, don't hesitate to contact us!


The InflatableOffice Team



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