Release: Customer Tags and Delivery Window Updates

New Features:

  • Customers: Tags have been added allowing you to group customers easily, filter leads, and customize automated emails based on this.


  • Leads: You can now filter leads by Quote Page and by Tags.


  • Delivery: The delivery windows can now be auto-set after the delivery/routing tool is used. If this is active, it will also show the events that have a conflict when you save. Go to Settings->General to activate. Be advised, this will cause Save on the delivery routing tool to take longer on your account.  



  • Leads: Improved results of previous customer name search.

  • Prices: Can now use Price List to set a price at 15 minute increments.

  • Rentals: Recovery time can now be set to only apply when the last location of the lead is different than the requesting one. Contact us to activate this.

  • Quickbooks: Added Discounts (taxable) line item so that we can split the amount of discount that is taxable or not taxable. This should fix issues where QB was calculating a different tax than the lead. (Note: only applies to US accounts when taxcloud is off).


Bugs fixed:

  • Leads/Quote Page: If only one option is available in delivery, surface, referral, or customer type drop-down the system will auto-select it.

  • Leads: All US addresses are now run through USPS and auto-corrected if possible.

  • Leads: Fixed an issue where unselected options weren’t showing conflicts properly.

  • Rentals: Fixed order of selected accessories, and some other minor issues.

  • Surveys: Fixed issue where worker survey would not go out if customer filled out their survey first.

  • Workers: Fixed a few issues with shifts on the worker’s site.

  • Workers: You can now only see non-vehicle positions when editing a worker profile.

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