Release: Now Track Availability of Parts of your Large Rentals

Now Track Availability of Parts of your Large Rentals

If you have a rental item that you can rent out in pieces, such as a large obstacle course that has 2 or more pieces, InflatableOffice will now appropriately handle the availability of all parts.

For example, say you have a 20 ft obstacle course and a slide. The customer can rent them together or each one separately, and the availability will be handled correctly. (Previously if they rented any of the pieces it would make all pieces unavailable).

To implement this, first add all your pieces into the system (as children). Next, you'll set the structure field in the following manner:

- Each individual piece should be assigned a letter and quantity

- The items that are combinations of other pieces should be assigned a structure such as: A,B,C where the letters represent the pieces that make up the combination


Combination of two pieces. Notice the Structure


The slide and the 20ft OC are the pieces. Pieces of the Structure are set as single letters.

Minor Updates:

- QuickBooks will now import rental descriptions with the items.

- QuickBooks will now import payments even if they are more than what is due on the event. The credit will show in your QB account for that customer.

- Options can now be invisible. What this means is that you can put things like sand bags as options and then track availability. The customer will not see them, but everyone at your company will. Note: for large inventories, there may be speed issues.

- Quantities linked between rentals and options now take increment into account on the linked quantity.

- Disabling a parent rental item also automatically disables all children rentals associated with it.

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