Release: Overbook count, create new email templates

New Features:

  • Conflicts: When an item is overbooked, you can now see the overbooked quantity by hovering over the item.
  • Distance Charges: You can now match by the first 3 digits of a zip code in the zip code table to configure for charges in a more general area.
  • Emails: You can now create new manual emails in the email center that are available templates for quote emails.
  • Upsell: Configure Upsell from the General Settings. If the method is set to ‘price levels’ it will attempt to show a low, medium, and high priced item. You can also turn it off or on.

Bugs fixed:

  • Contracts: Clicking view contract in Chrome now opens in a full window. Page break issues also fixed for Chrome.
  • Emails: Fixed email center to properly filter when selected from drop-down
  • Emails: Email pop-up windows (such as the quote email) must be closed with the close link at the top-right.
  • Multi-Locations: Now uses correct company name in From address for contract and quote emails.
  • Rentals: Price List charts fixed to show proper pricing when both daily and hourly rate set.
  • Testimonials: Duplicate testimonials removed

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