Release: See conflicts caused on other booked events

Video going over changes:

Future Changes:

  • Major Revision: We are still hard at work on our new software. ETA: End of 2019
  • Gmail: IMAP/CRM integration is being removed. Sending still works. More info/workarounds to hopefully follow. ETA: End of 2019
  • Subscription: Sales tax will be added to your subscription payments (definitely for Ohio and Pennsylvania customers, not sure yet who else). ETA: Summer 2019

New Features:

  • Conflicts: If another lead conflicts with the lead you are viewing, we now show it by highlighting the rental with the issue in blue. Previously we only showed this information on leads that were in conflict by red or yellow highlighting. The lead you are viewing will show first and the other leads will show in order of when they were booked.
  • Payments: Can auto-charge final balance a day or two before event (OpenEdge only, contact us to setup)
  • Optional Fields: You can now add custom fields to your lead list columns and can also now use them as the sort column in reports.
  • Newsletters: Blacklisted customers will no longer get newsletter emails
  • API: Added wordpress post_id to rental details
  • API: Rental prices added when you add &_price=1 to URL for rental details
  • Workers: Can now add notes per worker shift
  • Vendors: New email added to remind them of upcoming event. Activate in Email Center
  • Templates: Can list items by category when *rentalcategory_heading* is used
  • Category: If “hidden” is in the name of a category, those items only shows on packing lists
  • CRM: Better website tracking was added so customer visit history is added to profile when quote submitted
  • Weather: Can set wind/gust limit alerts under General Settings. Set them per-item when editing item.
  • Wordpress: Shortcodes can be set to ‘always use the default’
  • Rentals: All MagicJump inventory was recently updated, so when you purchased a new item, when adding to your inventory select the manufacturer and model and click populate to make setup easier.

Bugs fixed:

  • Mapquest: Fixed address link next to venue address
  • Conflicts: Fixed a few scenarios where structure items didn’t always display conflicts correctly
  • Fees: Fixed issue when coupon was added as fee, but no coupon code selected
  • Packages: Fixed scenarios where override price wasn’t working
  • Surcharge: Fixed issue where surcharging would change distance fees under certain conditions
  • Check Availability: Fixed issue with structure items sometimes returning wrong number
  • Reports: Changed taxable subtotal to always be $0 if tax exempt
  • Wordpress: Updated logic to reduce duplicate page creation issues
  • Wordpress: Forced URL to change when booking on on website so analytics work correctly
  • Filters: Improved search speed 
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