Release: Worker time tracking, customer blacklist, non-taxable fees

Worker Site allows worker to clock-in for their scheduled or nonscheduled shifts.

Payroll report will use the clock-in times instead of the scheduled times if available and the manager can adjust if needed.

Blacklist a customer on the Customers page

You’ll get a warning when looking them up or they get a quote.

New Features:

  • API: Now can query workers_list and workers. Can also retrieve a list of shifts from a lead
  • Customers: You can now blacklist a customer to prevent auto-booking and be alerted on their leads
  • Fees: Can now be set if taxable or non-taxable
  • Lead Filter: Can now filter by the state
  • Multi-Location: Added worker permission to restrict workers from editing a shared item that belongs to a location they don’t have access to: Settings Rental Inventory Shared
  • Reports: More of the $ amounts on the Overview->Sales report are now clickable, to show you details
  • Workers: Clock-in/out added on workers site and affects payroll report

Bugs fixed:

  • Blackout: Reason typed in to blackout-date settings now appears to customer
  • Blackout: Editing a lead in a black-out period will now warn instead of erroring
  • Calendar: Fixed issue with vehicle view not showing properly
  • Calendar: Advanced time items will now show properly on day view and rented rental views
  • Conflicts: Fixed conflict issues when using advanced rental times on a lead
  • Conflicts: Fixed issue with hold times for accessories
  • Contact Form: Fixed several issues causing it to sometimes not submit
  • Contact Form: Now sends alert when filled out and Customer Request: Contact Me alert is on
  • Contract Page: Fixed issues with credit card expire year not being extended
  • Check Availability Tool: Fixed various issues with it returning incorrect numbers
  • Multi-Location: If item is shared and worker only has access to 1 location, it no longer removes sharing to other location
  • Rentals: Recovery time for items is now supported for structure items
  • Surveys: Comments are now showing in alert emails again
  • Venues: County now stored with the venue
  • Wordpress: Fixed issue where accessory linked to multiple items was only creating one page
  • Workers: Fixed issue with wrong worker phone number showing up on worker site shift details

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