Release: Package Deals

Don’t let yourself feel threatened by those stellar car dealer commercials on late night cable. They have nothing on you. Get that camcorder on your wife’s shoulder and straighten your hair piece. Give the kids a sucker and smile big for the camera. With InflatableOffice, promoting all the great package deals, coupons, and specials for your company is a piece of cake. We’ve just added even more flexibility to our promotion settings. And now when you’ve created a package, we give you a click-able link to display proudly on your website or in your emails to customers. With nothing but a flick of a finger, your customers are looking at your pre-filled quote page. You have those dollar signs in your eyes yet?

Promotions Upgrade: InflatableOffice now allows even more sophisticated promotions. You can now set a promotion date, which is the day that the customer requests the quote, and an event date, which is the day the customer wants to rent. We’ve also improved our promotion count so that it displays a much more accurate count of how many times your promotions are used and better prevents promotions from being used beyond the limits you set.

Quote Display of Promotions:
Now we allow a description field for each promotion that displays to customers on their quote. We’ve also broken out their savings, showing them what savings were due to specials, coupons, packages, or administrative overrides. Saving money always makes people happy. We’ll make sure they’re happy when getting quotes from your company.

Package Deals:
When you’re fishing for business, it helps to have the right bait. Packages can be the perfect way to hook your website visitors. InflatableOffice now makes it easy to promote all of your packages. Design a package, and we give you the code you need to display click-able links on your website or in your marketing emails. When your customer clicks the link it takes them directly to your quote page and pre-populates it with the rentals they need to select to take advantage of the package. We also display instructions to help them through the package booking process. What can we say? We’re just thinking of you.

What’s the Difference?:
While I’ve got your attention, I’d like to explain to you the difference between coupons, specials, packages, and discounts in InflatableOffice.

* Coupons: Customers have to enter these codes (that you supply them) when getting a quote if they want to get the deal. These override any packages that the customer may also be trying to get.

* Specials: InflatableOffice automatically chooses the best special available to the customer, and it applies regardless of whether a coupon or package is chosen. The customer doesn’t have to do anything to receive the special. It is automatically given to them and displayed on their quote page. These are useful for multiple rental discounts.

* Packages: You can send links to these deals through email, or place them on your website so that your customer can easily get a quote with these deals in place. Like coupons you can only receive one package discount per quote, and you cannot stack it with a coupon.

* Discounts: Your customer can only get these from you. The administrator must manually enter these in on the leads page. InflatableOffice understands both percentages or dollars off. You can also put in negative discounts if you want. We will not display these to the customers. This is often good for getting a nice round number for the quote total.

Other Updates:
In our downtime, we also made some improvements to the setup wizard, distance charges settings, packing list, and lots of other stuff.

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