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My mom used to always tell me to “Be careful what you ask for; you might just get it!” She was right. You asked for InflatableOffice to be integrated into Google Calendar, and now you’re getting it. You know that doesn’t seem like such a bad thing though. InflatableOffice will now put all your events on your Google Calendar if you like. Any of your workers can set it to put their shifts on their Google Calendar as well. And since Google is everywhere, you can easily get everything from there into your phone, Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, and probably all sorts of other places. I guess it really pays to listen to mom.

Google Calendar: InflatableOffice just added Google Calendar as a friend. What does that mean other than that Google Calendar can now post on our wall? It means that you can link your InflatableOffice admin account (in Settings->General Settings) or any worker account (in User Details by the login) to Google Calendar and your events or shifts will magically appear on your Google Calendar. To find your Google Calendar ID, watch this YouTube video. And whenever you modify, add, or delete events or shifts, we do the work for you and update your Google Calendar for you (may take up to 15 minutes to take effect). After you’ve setup the link with Google Calendar, there’s some great ways to then link to other software and devices that you might use. We’ve compiled a short list below.

* Microsoft Outlook

* Thunderbird

* iCal

* Cell Phones

Rental Availability: We’ve added an option to view your rental availability by day on your InflatableOffice monthly calendar. This request came directly from a user. We thought it was a good idea, so we added it in. Any day that all rentals are available, we don’t display any. Any days that there are limited rentals available, we give you a list of what is available.

Other Updates: We also made a bunch of other minor updates. One of them significantly improved the page load speed for the Overview and Leads page. Enjoy!

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