Release: Auto recalc line fees, IO phone worker voicemails, Wordpress improvements

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New Features:

  • Leads: Auto-recalculate ability added for most line-item fees and discounts.
  • Google Tracking: Upgraded our integration instructions to support the latest gtag method
  • Delivery: If you set an items setup/teardown time to 1-7 minutes it will round to 0 minutes. Setting it to 0 or 8-15 minutes will assume a 15 minute setup time
  • IO Phone: Replying via email to phone alerts will now be directed to the customer
  • IO Phone: Incoming calls and transfers will now announce customers name
  • IO Phone: Call duration has been added to the CRM tab
  • IO Phone: Worker specific voicemail boxes added
  • Wordpress: Added easier way to show prices on your category and product pages. Use %%price_4h%% variables in the shortcode.
  • Wordpress: Implemented page breadcrumbs for IO themes
  • Tax: Amusement tax added to support places like MD. Contact us to activate.

Bugs fixed:

  • Conflicts: Fixed several availability and conflict issues
  • Vendors: Fixed issue with shared inventory not working in the vendor search tool.
  • Vendors: Adding share confirmation and ability to unshare your items.
  • Vendors: Fixed Overview page to properly show when emails had been sent.
  • Vendors: Fixed issues with selecting a category when turning into a regular item.
  • Vendors: Creating a new vendor item from the leads page will now default it to non-taxed
  • Vendors: Improved the vendor availability page
  • Quote Page: Fixed default event notes to properly save on new quotes
  • Emails: Fixed email sending issues when both worker and company outgoing settings were configured
  • Delivery: Fixed amount due variable issues when being printed from delivery tool in specific scenarios
  • Wordpress: Fixed several compatibility issues with other WP themes
  • Wordpress: Fixed issues with slashes on new quotes when quotes used in the input fields
  • Wordpress: Fixed issue with the page jumping when a drop-down is closed
  • Wordpress: Fixed contact us page submit button location on mobile
  • Workers: Fixed issue with direction’s link not always using a start address
  • Workers: Fixed delivery tool ‘warehouse work’ shifts to properly show in payroll summary
  • Leads: Fixed ‘Does not qualify’ note to on line-items to choose more appropriately when multiple promotions are present. Also recalculate will automatically remove ones that don’t qualify any longer.
  • Wordpress: Fixed missing ‘add to quote’ button for some packages
  • CRM: Improved number matching when extension numbers are present
  • API: Added better support when a locationid is passed into lead creation
  • Payments: Fixed issue with re-charging a card when multiple cards listed
  • Payments: Fixed issue when payment updates lead status it could overwrite book date.
  • Payments: Removed the payment type cimcharge that was accidently being created on re-charges

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