Release: Surface based pricing

Surface Based Pricing

Surface fees can be added into the distance/delivery fees for display. Go to Settings->General to set this./TLG2B3Q82Dzgb39kvq_mGpYAPSMQ-2_uMcRIaTBzZHmU2zYk_JZSl3gda3YsZXcyVJlgHCP_0TcQcxLXuIjJvsqPYs3MTkIS8-kXWsXSfJ5fe7T3BCA

Reports Show Totals

Now when you view custom reports, you can see totals without having to export the report to Excel and sum the row. /8Z_aeBpu9j41ufVOSGS9cD_AkYx2hD6fJdBGkz7KuUau2TttLMWBe-nBUbW5N837pR8NAC_UGgno8YPy2782o5KZjgK8y7EZgplWynhtNgoVkMEr60U

New Features:

  • Surface based pricing (see above)
  • Total row when viewing custom report (see above)
  • Preset filter ‘Delete from QB’ added to show events that will need manually deleted from QB
  • Hover over revenues on calendar to see who paid and who is still due
  • Ability to set unit price on options (such as mod panels) or the parent item when ‘show options as separate units’ is active
  • Improved lead page loading speeds (for companies with large numbers of options)
  • Click to prioritize loading of categories (large inventories companies only)


Bugs fixed:

  • Manager report survey sent to all managers instead of just one
  • Improved email logging shows sender and receiver
  • Conflict issue with long events fixed
  • Ability to print stats pages more completely
  • Paypal payment issues resolved
  • Fixed logging for newsletters and manually sending

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