Release: Follow-up with leads like you know you should

71% of leads are never followed-up with. InflatableOffice has made it easier to follow-up regularly with every lead. You can significantly increase your sales this year by following our best practice guide, CRM, and new filtering.

New Features:

  • CRM: Follow-up with leads best practice guide:
  • CRM: CRM module allows you to filter on last contact and last activity of customer
  • SMS: True SMS gateway means worker shift text reminders will now be sent regardless if carrier is set.
  • Emails: Manually sent bounced emails are flagged as Bounced Email (if not using a custom SMTP server)
  • Lead Filter: Can now filter by Create Date
  • Lead Filter: Dynamic date range added so you can filter on number of days instead of a fixed range

Bugs fixed:

  • Calendar: Corrected date range issue on day view availability
  • Contract: Fixed issue where a signed inactive contract was requesting signature on non-booked leads
  • CRM: Included newsletter emails in CRM tab
  • Delivery Scheduling: Corrected issues relating to deleting of grouped shifts
  • Lead Log: Corrected a few cases that showed Customer initiated when it was a worker
  • Mobile Leads: Can now view the auto-generated contract
  • Multi-Locations: Turned off incorrect sales rep permission warning when switching location on lead
  • Payment: Corrected the payment time to not get reset to midnight when editing the contract tab
  • Tasks: If task manager is open when you click edit task, it will now remain open

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