Release: Vendor Updates and Optional Date Fields

Release notes video

Overview -> Vendors now provides a snapshot of vendor activity

New Features:

  • Leads: Optional Fields now support date type which you can also use in filters.
  • Workers: Permission added to allow worker to add/edit payments
  • Workers: Permission added to allow exports/reports for customers, leads, workers
  • Reports: Vendor columns added to custom report options
  • Leads: Allowed page to expand to max browser width
  • IO Phone: Added duration to VM alert
  • Vendors: Added alert when a PO is signed
  • Vendors: Added a section under Overview for Vendors
  • Vendors: Calendar now has an option to see scheduled vendors
  • Mobile App: Improved mobile payments process
  • Mobile App: IO Phone dialer added
  • Mobile App: Can now your worker shifts when you have Lead access

Bugs fixed:

  • Quote Page: Fixed issue where duplicate accessories would sometimes get added to new leads
  • Password: Fixed the reset password link
  • Inventory: Fixed it so parent/child items now properly show up in search
  • Delivery: Fixed glitch with deleted warehouse work shifts sending emails
  • Delivery: Fixed vehicle packing list to also include main item name when packing list is defined
  • Warehouse: Fixed issues with Zip+4 messing up calculations and contact form
  • Reports: Allowed rental quantity to be summed when grouping by item name
  • Wordpress: Various updates to the io template themes
  • Wordpress: Book now button can now act the same as ‘checkout’. Requires update to io_rental shortcode.
  • IO Phone: Delays related to greetings/music have been fixed
  • Quote Page: Prevent advanced times from being outside of event time
  • Quote Page: Better errors added when auto-booking fails due to distance restrictions
  • Now pass event organization over to gateway
  • SquarePayments: Fixed glitch where surcharging wouldn’t always calculate correctly
  • Multi-Location: Fixed glitch where quick-add vendor items were sometimes assigned to all locations
  • Packages: Fixed glitch where advanced packages would sometimes be missing “Add to Quote”
  • Vendors: Made adding new vendor items less confusing
  • Vendors: Fixed glitch with advanced times not used in vendor emails
  • Filters: Due keyword now properly saves with Filter
  • Filters: Pay: < 1 now works to show all leads without a payment
  • Mobile App: General stability, bugs, and layout improvements
  • Mobile App: Can remove individual keywords from filters now

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