Release: Restrict auto-booking by hours

New Features:

  • Booking: Restrict auto booking by business hours


  • Delivery: Vehicles will now show which items it contained recently


Bugs fixed:

  • Calendar: Calendar view options will no longer get reset when switching dates
  • Delivery: Removed map points that didn’t belong when the delivery/pickup spanned multiple days.
  • Delivery: The vehicle packing list now shows common items sorted alphabetically
  • Emails: Fixed issue where yearly reminder emails would sometimes go out too soon
  • Emails: Fixed issue where some emails that were viewed by the customer wouldn’t show as opened
  • Leads: Fixed issue where ‘Please Wait…’ wouldn’t show up when editing a lead
  • Leads: Fixed issue when searching for past customer or venue that would sometimes not work
  • Quickbooks: Fixed issue where modified payments would sometimes not go into QB
  • Workers: You can now search for a worker by username in the keyword box

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