Release: Delivery Updates

You’ve probably noticed the help button on the right side of the screen. Please try to use it as much as possible for submitting your support requests. Anyone in your company who uses the software is encouraged to use this tool, not just your primary contact.

It will benefit you as well as us, since it can provide instant answers to common issues and allows us more time to improve the software.

In order to encourage its use we will be prioritizing requests sent through it over email and phone calls. Of course you can still call or email, but we would prefer for you to use the help button or go to for help.

New Features:

  • Delivery: The pop-up when you click a lead is now customizable (contact us for this)
  • Delivery: Added surface to the lead pop-up
  • Delivery: Added purple icon representing the warehouse
  • Leads: Guests is now an optional. Go to Settings->Optional Fields to configure. Remember to edit your templates too.
  • Leads: Restrict auto booking by distance is now available. Go to Settings->Distance Charges
  • Leads: Added two variables that only print the delivery windows times and ignore the durations: %fullsetupwindow% and %fulltdownwindow%

Bugs fixed:

  • Delivery: Fixed issue where non-english characters would cause timeouts
  • Delivery: Fixed bug where the pink line for delivery window wasn’t always correct
  • Delivery: Fixed issue where it would sometimes show Akron, OH in the map
  • Delivery: Improved the font size issues when printing the documents
  • Delivery: Fixed some issues relating to multi-day events
  • Emails: Increased the number of times an email can bounce before it is unsubscribed
  • Emails: The ‘Email Read’ flag now updates only the exact email opened
  • Emails: Fixed issue where email content would be scrambled when emails were sent to multiple people
  • Emails: Fixed issue with Training emails not having correct link
  • Emails: Fixed issue where newsletters would sometimes get sent twice to the same person
  • Emails: Fixed issue where email would be logged as sent when it errored
  • Emails: Fixed issue with Payment Reminders not getting sent until contract was signed
  • Emails: Updated Alerts to improve delivery. They are now from IO Alerts with the reply-to is the customer
  • Emails: Fixed the log’s email resend button for multi-location accounts
  • International: Fixed issue with the Overview->Map not working
  • Leads: Allowed Venue Name to be found easier when using keyword filter
  • Leads: Updated Optional Fields so their custom name will appear in the Lead list heading
  • Leads: Fixed issue where the travel time and distance charges was sometimes incorrect
  • Multi-Location: Workers Site link added to Settings->Warehouse Locations
  • Multi-Location: Fixed the payroll ‘check-all’ button to not select the locations
  • Quickbooks: Fixed workers payroll issue with worker’s names on checks printed from QB
  • Settings: When changing the name of a referral, surface, customer type, or delivery type in the settings, it will now update all leads accordingly as well

Also, if you have a suggestion on what you want us to work on next, you can do so here:

As always if you have questions, problems, or need help, don't hesitate to contact us!


The InflatableOffice Team

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