Release: Small Improvements, Big Deal

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New Features:

  • Billing: You can now upgrade your plan on smaller increments if you are slightly over the plan limit.

  • Leads: Check-all button added for statuses and auto-emails tab
  • Quotes: When a quote is submitted w/o showing price it can now be set to redirect to a new page instead of just displaying message. (When Online Quoting is off, activate Quote Acknowledgement under Settings->Pages)
  • Quotes: Long descriptions on quote page now fade to show there is more
  • Contracts: Fee line-items are now hidden if they are $0
  • IO Phone: Added some pre-recorded, on-hold music selections
  • Vendors: Can now select from multiple email templates when sending a vendor Availability Requests
  • Vendors: Can now filter Leads by vendor’s company names using keyword box
  • Multi-Locations: Can auto-select quote page based on zip: USERNAME&zip=ZIP CODE
  • Workers: Can prevent workers from modifying older events (Set on details tab of worker).
  • Mobile App: Payment surcharge now added when paying using OpenEdge mobile payments
  • Mobile App: Shift pop-up now includes more details (position, times)
  • Mobile App: Clicking phone numbers will now initiate a call via IO Phone (when enabled). If not, it will still just prompt you with your phone’s normal dialer.
  • Mobile App: Customer tipping is now possible when using OpenEdge mobile payments

Bugs fixed:

  • Emails: Yearly reminder emails adjusted to go out more easily in certain circumstances
  • Taxes: Improved auto tax calculations for Canada
  • Taxes: Discount line items are now taxed by default
  • Vendors: Fixed new quotes to always select non-vendor items over vendor items when available
  • Conflicts: Fixed issue where conflicts weren’t always showing when editing a lead
  • Logging: Improved the log tab for fee line-item changes and shift changes
  • Printing: Improved printing layout from quote confirmation page
  • Rentals: Added rental notes pop-up when editing a lead
  • Rentals: Accessories on a lead not attached to another item will now print correctly on templates
  • IO Phone: Fixed delay issues with on-hold music
  • IO Phone: Outbound calls from a multi-location account will now use the proper location’s phone number
  • Wordpress: Improved compatibility with custom wordpress themes
  • Optional Fields: New leads now correctly show the custom fields
  • Optional Fields: Can now change the default name of Distance, Staff, and Discount
  • Optional Fields: On custom fields, always displays Yes/No when using a checkbox
  • Wordpress: Fixed issue with category changes not pushing to website
  • Leads: Trimmed spaces on search form
  • Leads: When saving a copy of a lead, cc surcharges are no longer copied
  • Rentals: Improved ‘Add a child’ search
  • Mobile: Fixed issue with inactive items being removed from Leads
  • Square: Fixed auto-renewal of tokens
  • Quote Form: Fixed bug with fees being removed when upsell used
  • Payments: Improved loading time on contract page when surcharging enabled
  • Filters: Fixed issue where qp: filter not matching if page title changed
  • Reports: Allowed sales reps to be grouped on report charts
  • Taxcloud: Fixed issue with negatives always being taxed
  • Vendors: Improved behavior of vendor PO emails
  • Vendors: Fixed vendor tab when categories are off

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