Release: Address Book and More

Here's to the first of many updates planned this year at InflatableOffice. We've listened to you and have just released some great updates. Our customer address book has been completely re-done with your suggestions in mind. Plus, we know what a pain it is to fill out insurance apps every year, so we now have online apps that save your info for quick updates next year. We've also made some speed improvements, a customer merge utility, a sales comparison tab that shows you if you are on track with your sales, the ability to re-order display of your rentals, and lots of little things. And we're just getting started.

Customer Address Book

- New powerful filtering system to find the customer you are looking for.

- User interface is similar to other InflatableOffice sections like the Leads page for familiarity.

- You can now enter a new customer into the address book from directly within the address book.

- Quickly and easily edit their information, view leads associated with the customer, and more.

Customer Merge Utility

- Quickly and easily merge customer records into one record.

- Pick and choose the information to keep from either customer record.

- Obvious visual cues to show you the differing information.

- Select from a variety of fields to compare when searching for potential duplicate records.

- Use the Auto-Merge feature to let the program intelligently merge duplicate records without your review.

Sales Tracking

- New statistics that compare your sales to the three previous years.

- Know if you are behind on your bookings compared to previous years.

- See your sales difference per month.

- Great way to motivate and maintain growth at your company.

- Easily forecast your sales for the year by comparing the statistics.

Many Small Updates

- Huge speed improvement in checking for conflicting rentals, especially for companies with thousands of leads.

- Added the ability to prohibit your customer to see quotes and instead let them know that they will be contacted about their quote soon (Thanks for the suggestion StarWalk).

- You can now attach custom message to a quote before emailing it to the customer.

- Workers designated as Managers can now access the packing list for an event on the worker schedule site.

- Added the crew names, shift time, and amount due by the customer to the top of the packing list.

- Display of rentals can now be easily reordered at any time.

- Upgraded the filtering on the leads page to be more flexible regarding status.

- Many, many more other updates.

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