Release: Rental sharing and controls, IO Phone extensions and auto-attendant greeting

Video Preview of the release

New Features:

  • IO Phone: You can now set extension numbers for sales reps and have an auto-attendant greeting play when a call first comes in
  • Rentals: You can now share your inventory with other IO customers to allow for easier subcontracting
  • Leads: You can now see a rental item’s note when viewing a lead

  • Rentals: When editing a child item, you can now unlink it from the parent.
  • Rentals: When editing an item, you can now add a child to it (under Advanced section)
  • Rentals: When saving a copy of an item, you can now choose if you want them to use the same price. Linking the price together makes it so if you change the price of one item it will affect the other.

  • Rentals: When setting the price of an item, you now have the option to price it like another item. This will link the prices together.

  • Rentals: You’ll now see a list of items when a price is shared between items.
  • Rentals: You can now convert rental items into accessories easily
  • Wordpress: Featured items can now be configured through a WP widget (useful for non-IO themes)

Bugs fixed:

  • IO Phone: When texting from a event or shift tab of a lead, it will now use your io phone number
  • Delivery Tool: Saving a warehouse shift without assigning a worker now works
  • Delivery Tool: Fixed issue where removing assigned worker on a shift would delete the shift
  • Contracts: Fixed issue with non-active contracts getting URL inserted and not hyperlink to contract
  • Wordpress: Fixed issues with pop-ups looking poorly in wordpress sites on quote/contract pages
  • Email Settings: Fixed issue where worker SMTP settings occasionally would overwrite company SMTP settings
  • Leads: Fixed issue where $0 discounts would not act like a discount when editing lead later
  • Leads: Empty names on a fee will now be changed to Unknown for the name.
  • Promotions: Fixed issue with new/edit not working on some accounts
  • Languages: You can now change the language for upsell buttons that say "Add for Only"

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