Release: Newsletter Tool, Promotions, & More

If you aren't familiar with InflatableOffice, grab your coffee, take a minute to relax from your busy day, and watch our short intro video. It didn't make the theaters, but it's still very good.

For all of you die hard users, we have been hard at work adding and improving features for your favorite software, InflatableOffice. We've also been running some fun promotions lately, like our free iPad promotion with the Event Planners Association. And don't forget to visit us at IAAPA this year!


  • Newsletters can be easily created and sent to your entire list of customers. No more paying for a separate newsletter tool, and no more hassle exporting and importing your customer list.
  • Promotions now handle packages better. We have a new user interface so that you can design your packages whenever you want. It can handle much more advanced situations now too.
  • We've also added the ability to define time based rentals such as costume characters that are only billed for part of the party as well as the ability to define unlimited quantity rentals. Additionally, you can now set quantity increments for your rentals. For an example, you may only vend cotton candy cones in units of 50.

Enjoy the new updates. Thanks!

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