Release: Restrict multiple bookings on the same day

New Features:

  • Conflicts: Restrict the same item from going out more than once in a day by customizing the soft conflict time that warns of you potential over-bookings (email us to activate)

  • Delivery: Printing the itinerary now shows Setup/Teardown with better time formatting


  • Delivery: Customize the rounding of travel times on the delivery tool to be less than 15min (email to activate)


  • Mapping: Added links to provide direction on the event tab of a lead
  • Sales Reps: Sales reps are now prevented from claiming a lead already claimed by another rep. You can allow them to make changes via turning on the Lead Change Salesrep permission.

Bugs fixed:

  • Conflicts: Improved speed, and fixed long events to properly conflict with multiple smaller events
  • Delivery: Click the vehicle name to see recent events on that vehicle (instead of hovering)
  • Delivery: Long vehicle names will now display properly
  • Emails: Worker schedule emails now follow the ‘From Company’ setting
  • Emails: Texts sent to worker’s verizon phone are now sent as picture messages
  • Mapping: Improvements made to reduce inaccurate distance calculations
  • Multi-Location: When saving a copy of a child item and changing the location the system will attempt to re-map the parent to the changed location (if one exists with the same name).

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