Release: Phone Integration & Line Item Fixes

Customize Fee/Discount line-items. Negative amounts are now used on discount lines.

IO Phone: Transfer a call to a co-worker. A red name indicates that worker is unavailable

New Features:

  • IO Phone: We can now manage your phone system:
    - Incoming calls ring your phones based on a schedule and filter
    - Answered calls allow you to easily bring up the caller’s event info
    - Click a phone number in IO to connect you and your customer
    - Transfer a call to a co-worker
    - Missed calls send email alerts
    - Voicemails are transcribed to text and emailed as an alert
    - Send/receive texts
    - Documentation is available here

- Please join us next Tuesday, 11/7/2017 at 1pm EDT for a live webinar on the phone integration.

  • Email: You can configure SMTP settings per worker account (edit the worker profile)
  • CRM: Can now delete your own notes on the Lead’s CRM tab
  • Reports: Status colors added to reports
  • Quotes: Sunset time is now available to customers for quote page upon request
  • Leads: Fees & Discounts are now more flexible in naming and having multiples. Documentation is available here
  • Taxes: Taxes can also now be set per line-item on the lead instead of only in settings
  • Templates: New variables added so discounts can be shown per line-item. See fees loop near bottom of variable list or you can make a new template and load the default to see it used.
  • Leads: Can now add a filter to see all leads with declined Vendor items. In the keyword box, type: vendor: decline and click to filter.
  • Workers: Can now access attachments on worker’s site. Set the Worker Site - Attachment permission
  • Surveys: Back button added to surveys
  • Payments: Openedge integration no longer in beta status
  • Multi-Location: Can now auto-set to closest location with single quote form (if inventory is shared) or can auto-select closest location’s quote form based on client zip. Contact us to activate.
  • Filters: ‘Has Unsigned POs’ filter added

Bugs fixed:

  • Taxcloud: Aggregated tax rates are no longer used and should remove QB discrepancies
  • Maintenance: Made checking-in a product more clear
  • Alerts: Documents Printed alert no longer includes completed events
  • Vendors: If advanced times are used on a vendor item it will affect the event times listed on the PO for that vendor
  • Leads: Removed the ‘none’ box next to organization. Simply leave it blank if no organization
  • Payments: Fixed issue with square payments clearing delivery windows
  • Payments: Fixed issue with square payments allowing duplicate payments
  • Payments: Fixed issues with surcharging sometimes leaving a small balance/credit
  • Contracts: Fixed issue with some emailed contracts showing a blank page
  • Wordpress: Fixed issue where duplicate pages were created occasionally
  • Workers: Adjusted time clock-in/out to reduce odds worker chooses wrong shift

See history of updates

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