Release: User Documentation

User Documentation
We’re starting to build better user documentation which you can access from the Help link at the top-right of every page. We’ll continue to add more over the next several weeks.
User Documentation
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New Features:

  • Better handling for renting items you don’t own
  • Let's say you have 1 Bouncer, but can rent 1 from a friend if you need to. You can set your bouncer to rent for $100, but when it’s not available the system will allow the customer to request your friends bouncer and you can set it to charge $150 for it. (click here for how to set it up)

  • Added Subtotal field to Leads page
  • Added worker shift accept/decline results to Shift tab

Bugs fixed:

  • Overview filter for sales rep workers is now working properly
  • Allowed for longer text in delivery-type drop-down
  • Adjusted email quote pop-up to prevent Send button from getting cut-off
  • Taxcloud related bugs

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