Release: Additional Rental and Email Stats

Rental Stats: ROI, customer rating, and injuries added

Survey stats added to Overview->Stats

Stats on email send rate

New Features:

  • Reports: Added aggregated survey data and rental ROI to Overview->Stats
  • Reports: Made several of the columns sortable in the Overview page. Click the column name to sort.
  • Rentals: Added total ROI to Settings->Rentals->(click rental)->History. You’ll need to enter purchase price to use.
  • Emails: Added Sent, Opened, Unsubscribe, and Bounce statistics to Emails under Settings->Email Center->(click email)->Log tab

Bugs fixed:

  • Customer Types: Fixed the deposit per customer type to display correctly
  • Rentals: Added %rental_weight% as a variable for printing on packing list/contract
  • Rentals: Removed inactive prices from the pricing tab
  • New Quote Pages: Sorted packages alphabetically
  • New Quote Pages: Fixed %header% variable to always use correct logo image when using multiple quote pages
  • New Quote Pages: Fixed issue for multi-location items that sometimes show available when they were not
  • New Quote Pages: Fixed issues when changing the date would not always re-load items for availability checking
  • New Quote Pages: Fixed alerts on new quotes to have customer’s email for the reply-to

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