IO Phone Transfers, WordPress SEO Upgrades & More

New Features:

  • IO Phone Bar: The IO Phone bar got some major improvements. It will now show the incoming call in the phone bar before you answer it and the duration of the call while you are connected. It will also show the last call that came in for you when there is no incoming call. 
  • IO Phone Hold: You can now put calls on hold via your phone handset by pressing the 1 button. Press it again to return to the call.
  • IO Phone Transfer Types: We have made major improvements to transfers. You can now transfer 3 different ways. * Immediate, which is what you are used to doing, where your phone is disconnected and the customer is transferred immediately. If the worker doesn’t answer, the caller goes to their voicemail or the company one if they do not have a voicemail. * Return, which is where the caller is sent back to your phone if the worker you transferred them to did not answer. * Warm, where you are connected with the worker you are trying to transfer to so you can give them some background. When you hang up or press 1, the caller is connected to the worker. You can press 2 to cancel the transfer to the other worker at any time.
  • IO Phone Transfer from Phone: Now you can transfer directly from your phone keypad and not just the computer. Simply press 1 to put the customer on hold. Press 2 to get to the transfer menu. Then dial an extension to someone in your company and choose a transfer type. Voice prompts will guide you.
  • IO Phone Transfer List: The list is now searchable and will attempt to limit the scrollable options based on recent phone use. This makes it easier to find who you are trying to transfer to.
  • IO Phone Do Not Disturb: You now have more control over your “DND” setting. Choose from a variety of options.
  • IO Phone Returned Calls: We are now tracking returned calls so you know when a missed call or voicemail is returned by your staff. It is considered returned if an outgoing call to the same number is made within 5 hours of the incoming call.
  • IO Phone Spam: You can now mark calls/texts as spam from the log. Inbound texts will not send out an email alert if spam. Inbound spam calls will behave the same as blacklisted customers, saying “This number is no longer in service.” We also are maintaining a global spam list such that once at least 3 companies using IO Phone have marked a number as spam, all IO Phone users will benefit by having it added to their spam lists.
  • Texting: Texting is no longer supported through email and the email bar. All texting must go through an IO Phone number. Templates are still in the email center but will be moved to their own area soon.
  • Leads: Sunrise and sunset are now shown on the lead timeline to help you plan your events.
  • Leads: New filter called “Has Conflict” will allow you to filter all leads that have a scheduling conflict.
  • Leads: We now make it easier to email a worker directly from a lead by clicking the email button next to their shift.
  • Company Email Signature: You can now create a company wide email signature in the Pages/Templates area and reference that in other templates. This reduces the amount of time it takes when the signature needs updated across all your templates. Use *template-Email_Signature* to access it.
  • Inventory: Now all your reviews on your inventory and star rating is available.
  • Email: We now save all emails sent to your email server in the sent folder.
  • Email Center: Now we show the auto email type just in case you made a copy and changed the title and don’t realize what it is used for anymore.
  • Organizations: Added logging for emails sent.
  • Organizations: Dollar amounts on quick filters are the amount due instead of the lead total now.
  • Office Upgrade: Refresh button added to all lists to force a refresh. This is useful if a new lead may have come in and should be a faster refresh than using the browser refresh button.
  • Wordpress: Items with timeslots are now supported in the shopping cart.
  • Wordpress: Better linen support on product pages
  • Wordpress: Added broken link monitor tool under Settings->Wordpress
  • Wordpress: Improved the SEO setup configuration under Settings->Wordpress

Bugs fixed:

  • Email Center: Copying a newsletter would not allow you to change the date to start sending.
  • Workers: Permission searching is now filtering permissions properly.
  • Reviews: Code for adding your reviews to your website has been added to the Office Upgrade.
  • Tasks: New tasks do not automatically fill in the users name.
  • Leads: Hid advanced search to make the page easier to use. You must now click to see it.
  • Customers: Adding a new customer record makes them active by default.
  • Quote Form: Improved the pop-up images

There are many more features and bugs that were completed with this release, but we’ve only listed the most significant.

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