Release: Contract Auto-Updates

Contracts are now auto generated until signed or a snapshot is manually created

Mobile Site for Admins

New Features:

  • Contracts: Contract’s will auto generate until signed or a snapshot is manually created.

  • Contracts: Special Deposit Due, Amount Paid and Balance Due variables can now be added to contracts and they will continue to update even after a contract is signed. The following variables must be used and are only available on contract templates: %ctr_deposit_due%, %ctr_amount_paid%, %ctr_balance_due%

  • Emails: Auto emails can now send multiple times to same customer. For example you can save a copy of Payment Reminder so you have two, one set at 7 days and one at 14 days.

  • Emails: When an automatic email bounces it now flags the event (but only if there are no other flags). Note: Manually sent emails will not flag as the bounce email goes directly to the sender’s email account.

  • Emails: We now track email click-through rates. See the log tab for emails in the Email Center.

  • Leads: Sorting of rental items on an event can now be done by dragging the selected items around.

  • Leads: You can now search for items when editing a lead. Quick-add is still done through the search box by typing the name and price, then clicking update.

  • Leads: You can now prevent office staff from overbooking items under Settings->General-> ‘when admin overbooks’

  • Leads: Balance Due was added under Total on event tab

  • Leads: Event County was added under Settings->Optional Fields

  • Alerts: Booking Attempted email alerts will now include the exact reason why a customer couldn’t book

  • Attachments: You can now include Attachment filenames in a custom lead report

  • Mobile: Now admins and workers with permission can log into the mobile workers site, filter and work with leads, and get quotes.

  • Quote Page: Selected rentals are now shown at the top of a quote when the customer is editing a quote.

Bugs fixed:

  • Rentals: Inactive items no longer perform conflict checking

  • Google Calendar: When changing  the template, it will resync any future events automatically

  • Contracts: Fixed issues relating to a non-active contract being signed.

  • Leads: Changing the customer on an existing lead was displaying an incorrect message that it was going to update the old customer profile when in fact it wasn’t.

  • Leads: Changing quantity of inactive items no longer clears the price

  • Leads: When searching of a customer or keyword and no results were found the spinner icon wouldn’t disappear

  • Leads: Click-to-load categories was using the wrong date/time for conflict checking

  • Leads: Creating a new lead w/o an email was causing it to not open later

  • Leads: Clicking a flag no longer opens in a new window

  • Reports: Last Activity/Contact field was showing CRM not enabled even if it was

  • Reports: Added Contract Received Date

  • Upsell: Items set to not show on the quote form also are not shown via upsell

  • Promotions: Fixed bug in promotions where ‘exclude qualifying items’ was not always working

  • Promotions: Advanced packages were not working right in certain scenarios

  • Quote Page: Link Qty on Accessories now works for time-based on hidden items.

  • Emails: Yearly reminders are now going out to cancelled events

  • Emails: No longer sending payment received emails for refunds

  • Multi-Location: Changes to Online Quoting Settings was causing all locations to be set the same.

  • Website Integration: Check availability was returning 1 qty instead of the max available

  • API: Added additional event time options when creating leads

  • Workers: Sub-menu items weren't clickable on mobile browsers

  • Workers: Shift reminders now go out multiple times if worker has multiple shifts on same event

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